Energy Exchange

Earth hasn't ran out of resources. Our species system's like currency and greed-influenced-actions create the space for survival over flourished contentment; creating the sensation that our planet is impoverished and in lack. We are not running out, the systems are just dated and were born from the desire for power. That universal intention is naturally going to manifest into scarcity for others. Here we are, with the same amount of resources. If we can't rely on our current economical structure, maybe we can rely on eachother.

If you check in with yourself, and list off your basic human needs to live clean, healthy and free; it would be very similar to the next person.

The cool part is that many of us have some puzzle piece aspect that can fufill a need.

We are passionate about sustainable living and unification.

If you are a tradesman, fisher, healer, teacher, forager, doctor, baker, herbalist or have any type of offerings, please reach out.

We want to create a web of connections that can rely on trading, straight from the source. If you want to get connected just send us an email or give us a call.

Karma Pass

Work a few hours a month in exhange for unlimited free sweats!! Call us to hear more details and to book an interview.


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