As life goes on it’s our belief that we will all come to the same conclusion that we ourselves are the gold, that real value is measured on our happiness and the state of our body. 

Time is our most valuable asset, and being present for it can make or break how we feel about our lives and how the people dear to us feel about our interactions. 

An aching body with shoulders rolled forward, or a general lack lustre of energy has an effect on our general state, and like it or not; how we behave. This contributes to how we conduct ourselves with the people around us, and things we hold most dear to our lives. 

Our mental state is based on how we treat ourselves and the stories positive or negative we prescribe to. The mental practice of ingraining positive mindsets just as important training as flexibility or accountability.

. . .

How many times do we need to learn the lesson that if we don’t take care of ourselves we will allow important areas of our life to falter.


A father and a lover. Born and raised skateboarder on Vancouver Island. His twenties were spent breaking horses in the red zone of Colombia, hand building a retreat center + training with Shamans in the amazon facing the void. 

He returned to Canada where he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life, so he picked up martial arts from the second best swordsman on the planet +  studied a Doctorate of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Dr Yin. 

Steven is now building Westcoast Bathhouse with his Sheeka and is passionate to offload a substantial knowledge base. 

He delivers a FUN, CHALLENGING + INTERESTING environment every session, every time ! He upgrades your skills at an accelerated pace in a safe setting, finds where you will give up on yourself, he will chase you around with a stick, love you, make you laugh + maybe cry a bit, then actually want to do it all over again !



Training is the habitual practice of showing up to improve physical & mental state amongst a group of dedicated people that hold you accountable to yourself. These sessions are based around physical fitness with static postures, strengthening mental intention and providing a space to gain clarity, self defense & swordwork, strength + friendship.

Recuperate, deepen + laugh with the intention to improve your physical, mental and spiritual wealth. This is provided by a group of brothers that hold you accountable to your own goals and safely kick your ass to get to the next peak with love. We workout, pray, heal, spar, study, grow, laugh, cry, meditate, talk stuff down, have fun, enjoy tea together, and usually have a sauna.


This class is for all skill levels. The training is facilitated to reach participants personal thresholds and capacity on an individual basis in a group setting. For example, our practice has a foundation in static postures, and for the more advanced students they simply go deeper into the posture. For beginners, they will be practicing at a more shallow depth, the cool part is that no matter the skill or strength level everyone is with their challenge where they are at together. A challenge is more certiantly promised.


If something isn't interesting it’s hard to keep giving attention to it. These seminars are guaranteed to keep you at your edge with new information that is relevant to your everyday life. Each session will be different from the last, you never know what you are going to show up to. Downloads target knowledge around; Static postures of Qi Gong, interpersonal personal dynamics, body mechanics, injury recuperation, mental health, swords forms, general diagnosis basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, diet, sexual vitality, basic acupressure, sound healing, holotropic breathwork, and overall integrity & accountability.