I am sure you have wondered what is there to do in Victoria that is healthy, sexy, fun and a great way to connect. Our private rentals are a great space to share a cool experience ! 

Whether you want to have a date night, a group hang out or plan a special event, this experience is stand alone a truly epic to do to add to your bucket ! 


This amazing mobile sauna comes fully equipped firewood, spring water, and eucalyptus. This sauna holds up to 8 people in the heated space, and also comes equipped with a changing room. Ideal for renting next to the beach! Hot & cold! Booking rates and details below!


$ 429.00 Weekend's 4hour Rental Friday to Sunday



$ 329.00 Weekday's 4hour Rental Monday to Thursday



We are always open to making your dream event possible and epic !! Send us a message and we will hook it up ! 


Mileage calculated on an individual case basis
$ 179.00 Add towel service, ice, fruit plater, sake, aloe vera, coconut oil