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For thousands of years, the sauna has functioned as a health tool and a community space for connection, ceremony, and governance. 


The Evolutionary Arc
of Humanity...

After the 500 year mark of developing a nation, many countries across planet Earth naturally pivoted their collective intention from establishing systems that maintain our survival, to creating spaces that support our inner well-being.

The value of our body, mind and spirit became clear. Specifically making bathing a place to congregate, connect and heal the body. Due to our age as a country,  we too have been met with focusing on purely one thing; maintaining survival. It is a paradigm shift that creates the space to make change to support humans on a soul level.

We are exactly where we need to be.

We Are A Canadian Cultural Project...

It’s our belief that due to Canada's sheer size and youthfulness as a nation, it lacks a unified and defined culture. We are in a massive loneliness and mental-health epidemic, something that we believe is the core issue and cause of disfunction within our systems, ethics + economic structure. Canada has work to do to find solutions amongst reconciling with our sacred indigenous populous, something that we believe plays a massive role in defining Canadian culture.


Our mission is to provide Canada with accessible and affordable healthy social spaces, with the epicentre being hydrotherapy + events among the themes of Silent, Social + Sacred.

Vacation as a way of life.




Canada At Its Core Is Separated.

Canada is a large, diverse nation with a multitude of cultures and backgrounds. This makes it difficult to create a unified culture or identity. We believe that saunas provide an opportunity for Canadians to connect and foster a sense of community. Saunas and Health centres not only offer a place of physical and mental relaxation, but also a place to meet new people, share stories, and bond with others. 

As we know, to this day Reconciliation with our sacred populations of indigenous has not yet occurred. We hope that our position is in between what happened and what's going to happen. Holder and story teller of our true history, and the platform for healing. It is time for Canada to have spaces for our people to come together while simultaneously acknowledging our past. Our mission is to operate on the golden line; through affordable spa experiences to unify different walks of life, while doing the best we can to offer solace to our first peoples of this land we reside on. It’s no secret that our population is in need of working out our differences. We hope that saunas can trigger deeper internal investigation. We are committed to creating the space for elders of the indigenous communities to share stories within our saunas so at the very least this is a space for learning.

We Are Surrounded by People Yet we Feel Alone

Poor mental health is a major epidemic and reality for many Canadians, who are feeling a lack lustre or general disconnection from life. Depression impacts more than half of Canadians (56%) many report having felt little interest or pleasure in doing things (59%), while nearly three-quarters felt tired or had little energy (72%). Due to Canada’s geography ( ie its vast size and small population ) by nature we are distant from each other. This has led to people feeling generally isolated, and now with global changes and the increase in technology as a primary means for connection, the population is spending less time in community and more time behind screens. Our Climate for more than half the year is cold in Canada, and spending time in nature becomes more challenging, the cold nature keeps people further isolated and indoors.  ​ Options for people to connect generally revolve around loud recreation centres with fluorescent lights reeking of chlorine, expensive and not habitually accessible spas (silent spa's where people can’t socialize), clubs/restaurants/bars (alcohol or food profit focussed). Canadians have access to free health care, but access to preventative health care ceases to exist. We are encouraged to stay fit and eat healthy, but safe spaces where we can retreat to each week to hold the textures of our experiences and who we really are as an individual, is not yet available.  ​ The problem that continues to lay in the way of how we attempt to socialize and connect with each other is its often in settings of consumption, alcohol and or in sport.


Our deepest intention, is that our spaces are a place to remember that we are all born from the

same Earth. 

We Are Human.


It's not unknown that stress is one of the leading factors to disease.

Our medicine is Returning to the natural cycles within; through activating our primal expression. 


Humans have over 50 basic Human Needs, majority are related to connection, community, peace, relaxation and meaning. You can imagine how many individuals truly get these needs satiated, its sadly not widely accessible in North American culture.  When our system is out of balance in this way, it truly has consequence. 

We believe places of connection revolved around relaxation offer a preventative healthcare approach to maintaining the well being of a human. 



Let's normalize the spirit of
"Island Time"

With this in mind, our ethos is rooted in the wild and sincere nature of surfers, skaters, and minds alike that see the hearth of their surroundings and stretch their maximum capacity to LIVE. Through deep love, risk taking, fully embodied and upholding the ethics of a Master of joy... We strive to allow the innocence of our inner beings to lead the way and bare witness to each moment as if it was our last. 



It is our mission to create healthy + affordable spaces of cultural transformation and human happiness.


We believe that the greatest mental health and social wealth is not online, and is within our physical experiences of community,  health and connection. 

By Design We Bring
You Closer To Your Nature.



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